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Send the video(s) of 1st Audition to with your profile.


Profile should including Name, Gender, Year of Birth, Residence, Height and Weight.

* Audition details and profile must be complete, otherwise the application will be void.


that can shine on our stage
We are looking for talents
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At least choose 1 from 4 :

Singing – a cappella songs (existing track / creative track / rap, etc.) (within 2 minutes)

Dance – any dance style (within 1 minute) and existing Kpop tracks (within 2 minutes)

Performance – instrument / mc / acting script / free speech (within 2 minutes)

Lyrics / Compose – submission of lyrics and compose Demo CD



* You can upload the video(s) / file(s) with the above content to Youtube and set it to Non-Public OR to Google Drive and send us the Share Link.

* Dance, Singing and other Performance videos should clearly show the appearance and facial expression of the performer.

Applicants: Hong Kong residents, regardless of gender and age, can apply.

Application Fee: None

* After the application, each applicant can not repeat the application within 24 days.

You will have the opportunity to receive an email notification for the 2nd round audition when you have a good performance in the 1st round audition.

* You will not receive any email if you did not pass the 1st round.

Email to

* The above email does not receive the application of recruitment and audition, only for the Q&A session of the audition.

Echo Entertainment Audition for artist is now available. Don't miss the chance to shine on stage. Send your information and join our audition now.

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